What we do

We host table reads and group critique of sketches and sitcom episodes (ideally 30 minutes or less) and we network. This 2018 documentary by Victoria Murphy is pretty accurate.

London Comedy Writers was formed in 2001 by writer Jack Milner, to create a space where comedy writers could find camaraderie and support. Twenty years on, LCW has become an essential resource for peer-to-peer mentoring and networking in the aspiring comedy writers’ community. (We owe a massive debt to our former chair, Graham Trelfer, for our longevity).

Anyone is welcome to join London Comedy Writers and you can just turn up on the night, though you must book your script onto our waiting list if you want to hear it read (see our Submit a script page).

There’s no membership fee nor charges for joining a meeting and you can:

Get constructive feedback on your writing for free
(some LCW members have experience in TV, film and radio)

Hear your work read aloud by actors
(it’s the best way to see what’s working and what isn’t)

Learn about developing characters and stories 
(you'll pick up lots of advice from listening to other people’s scripts)

Meet other writers and actors
(many collaborations have started at an LCW meeting)

(Potentially) Have your work performed
(we have previously staged live shows, recorded an audio sitcom and have more projects in the pipeline – all material for these is group-sourced and workshopped at our meetings)

What we DON'T do

London Comedy Writers does not commission, create or produce work for individual writers, nor do we offer representation. We’re a not-for-profit group, run by volunteers, that facilitates mutual support, networking and table reads. We cannot offer 1-2-1 feedback outside of our meetings.

LCW members giving feedback on a scriptLCW members giving feedback on a script
Close up of a sketch script being read at a London Comedy Writers meetingClose up of a sketch script being read at a London Comedy Writers meeting