Six reasons to join us at London Comedy Writers...


#1: Meetings are held every two weeks

Regular meetings keep us motivated and help us work to deadlines. Listening to other people’s work is a great cure for writer's block and critiquing other people’s scripts helps you to look with a more critical eye at your own. Our members have reached competition finals and gained professional writing credits for material they have had workshopped at the group.  


#2: It's free!

There's no admission or membership fee to attend any of our meetings. Just come along!


#3: Professional actors will read your script live 

You never know how well your material is working until you hear it read out loud, in real time, to real people. Our versatile actors bring scripts to life, helping the writer recognise and eliminate obvious flaws.


#4: Constructive feedback for your writing

We are a broad collective of writers, actors and media types (including some with experience in television, radio and script reading) so you can rely on us for a wide range of unbiased and constructive feedback.


#5: Get your work performed on stage

For the last four years London Comedy Writers has produced a stage show called Sketchageddon Live, featuring the best of the sketches read through by the group in the last year. We are planning to stage and film more material in the future. 


#6: Make connections

Writing can be a solitary affair, often plagued with self-doubt, so it’s important to build a trusted network that can support you. London Comedy Writers has spawned many collaborations over the years, from writing partnerships, to actor/writer relationships and production teams. Producers have even been known to drop in from time to time. Our meetings provide a friendly and convivial atmosphere in which to network.


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