Scripts read

Here's what we've read over the last 5 years (apologies we're unable to include the scripts). Submit your script for our actors to read at a future meeting.

As always, priority will be given to those who have already attended a few meetings in support of their peers.

London Comedy Writers – scripts read


13th December
Sketch only meeting

28th November
Hues of Maroon by Matthew Oakley
Sketch by Helen Green and webisode by Olly Allsopp

15th November
PITCH SLAP sitcom pitching contest
Won by Katy Littlewood's The Bournemouth Rebellion

1st November
HomieZ by Joanna Tilley
Sketches by Nick Wooster and Simon Wiedemann

18th October
Tom's Cruise by Sam Catling
Sketches by Beth Granville and Maurice Cox

4th September
Fish out of Water by Leighton Roff
Sketches by Maurice Cox and Jordan Birch

20th September
Under Observation by Glenn Cooper
Sketches by Maurice Cox and Paul Mohan

6th September
The Home Front by Al Devey and Tim Williamson
Sketches by Pete James

23rd August
Sitcom by Nina Crane
Sketches by Frank Mariani, Al Devey and Tom Jensen

9th August
Working Stiffs by Cait Davies and Lynn Pinto
Sketches by Maurice Cox and Kevin Whale

26th July
Maverick and Buyder-bouk by Gareth Moore
Sketches by Tom Jensen and others

12th July
Argonauts Assemble! by Glenn Cooper
Sketches by Jonathan James and Al Devey.

28th June
Court in the Act (episode 2) by Philippe Mattocks
Sketches by Nick Wooster, Jonathan James, and Sarit Wilson-Chen and Andy Glass

14th June
St. Agnant (episode 4) of Pete James
Sketches by Roy Granville and John Dangerstreet

31st May
Exclusive by Andy Bodle
Sketches by Adam Wareham, Tom Jensen and Alastair Goff

17th May
Sketch only meeting

3rd May
The Home Front by Al Devey and Tim Williamson
Sketches by Kent DePinto and Gareth Moore and Katy Littewood

19th April
PITCH SLAP sitcom pitching contest
Won by Cait Davies and Lynne Pinto’s Working Stiffs

5th April
Forgotten Tribes by Lee Cornes
Sketches by Jordan Birch and Gareth Moore

22nd March
Bottomrung by Leighton Roff 
Short film by Bertie Smith plus sketch by Jonathan James

8th March
Wheels of Fortune by Kevin Whale

23rd February
Dead Wait (episode 3) by Gareth Moore

9th February
Whatever happened to West Berlin by Glenn Cooper.
Sketches by Leighton Roff and Luz Mosquera, and Nina Millns

26th January
Shirley's Temple by Sarit Wilson Chen and Tova Leigh
Sketches by Helen Green, Ciaran Buckley and Kevin Whale

12th January
Bloggers by Steven Phanides
Plus sketches by Sarit Wilson Chen and John Hamilton


15th December
Menagerie by Thomas Lynam
Sketches by Jordan Birch and Richard Tomlin

1st December
Excusive! by Andy Bodle
Sketch by Glenn Cooper

17th November
Sketch only meeting
Jordan Birch, Sophie Spector, Bertie Smith, Tom Jensen, Kevin Whale and Robin Bailes

3rd November
Climp! An Edwardian Tale of Mystery and Suspense by Glenn Cooper
Sketches by Olly Allsopp

20th October
The Medieval Way by Philippe Mattocks
Sketches by Susan Byron and Nina Crane

6th October
The Cardiff Mafia by Jonathan James
Sketches by Nina Millns and Conor Butler

22nd September
Albion by Alex Papakyriacou and Steven Phanides

8th September
Help Yourself by Rick Senley
Sketches by Philippe Mattocks

25th August
Felicity's Management by Richard Tomlin

11th August
Wannabe by Andy Bodle
Sketches by Joycelyn Bruce and Pete James

28th July 
The Corner Shop (episode 2: Who Let the Dogs In) by Joel Soetendorp and Kiran Haldankar

14th July 
6 Months To Live (episode 1: Life's a Bitch) by Lee Cornes and Conor Butler

30th June
My Sister by Robin Bailes
Sterotype Police, Diarrhoea, Area 51 Pizzeria by Jordan Birch

16th June
Modern Family – group critique

2nd June
Sketch only meeting

19th May
Down Town Abby Episode 3 by Pete James

5th May
The Medieval Way by Philippe Mattocks
Sketches by Pete Duncan

7th April
Romiette and Julian by Alex Papakyriacou

10th March
Retreat by Robin Bailes (webseries)
Lookalikes and Dorian's Beard by Andy Bodle
Party in Antarctica and 999ByeByeBye by Josh Cluderay

10th February
Sketches by Nina Crane
Irene Gets her Men by Allison Miller
We Are But Men by Paul Mohan

13th January

Sketch only meeting


18th November
The Terrible Tale of Troll Edmunds by Pete James

4th November
Foiled by Beth Granville and David Charles
St Agnant, Episode 4 by Pete James

21st October
Wags FC by Gareth Moore
The Blind Date by Paul Mohan

7th October
I, Zombie by Lee Cornes

9th September
The Science of Attraction by Andy Bodle

12th August
Sketch Show by Luke Truppin

29th July
A Bit of a State and Proud Mother by Helen Green
Child's Painting, New England Manager and The Most Accurate Map in the World by Andy Flood
Man Shopping by Robin Bailes
First Day and And What Do you Do by Brendan Way
On Your Bike by Luke Truppin

1st July
Foiled by David Charles and Beth Granville
Vampire Sketch by James McAnespy
Star Bores By Pete James
Cover Band by Matthew Bailey
The Tech Effect and Donate or Die by William Pointing

10th June
Barnesalona by Lori Zakariyya King and Tanekka Fleary
Beauty Regime & Senior Moment by Conor Butler
Truth About Psychics by Graham Trelfer

1st April
(Webisode only meeting)
Foiled by Beth Granville and David Charles
Webisode by Robin Bailes
Webisode by Glenn Cooper

18th March
Downtown Abby by Peter James
What's up Doc and Man Time of the Month by Amanda Buzzing

A sketch by Gareth Moore

18th February
Fools on a Train by Philippe Mattocks

The Independent by Conor Butler
A sketch by Helen Green

14th January
Seventh Heaven by Andrew Carson
Bennett Sketch by Oliver Allsopp

7th January
Subcon Sketch by Gareth Moore
Sketch by Conor Butler
A Marriage of Equals by Tom Jensen
Threesome by Andy Glass & Sarit Wilson Chen
Dali, Dali and Dali by Oliver Allsopp
Sketch by Andy Glass


10th December
Webisode 1 by Nina Crane
Time to go by Luke Truppin
The Sessions by Gareth Moore
Connection Lost by Elise Bramich
Under Observation Dog Day Morning by Glenn Cooper

26th November
Barnesalona - Episode 1 - A Right Shitty Day by Lori Zakariyya King with Tanekka Fleary

11th November
Climp! – An Edwardian Tale of Mystery & Suspense by Glenn Cooper

29th October
Court in the Act by Philippe Mattocks
A Right Mug and Golden Ticket by Beth Granville
Charity Begins and Charity Begets by Michael Keane

15th October
Sketch by Michael Keane
Hospital by Sarit Wilson Chen with Andy Glass
C.L.G. by James McAnespy

1st October
Future Sketch, Suicide isn't Funny and I Say Sketch by Philippe Mattocks
Caning Shrink and Yoga Series by Ahmed the Third
Jeff Scotland; Bloke Extraordinaire (episode 4) by Mark Elias & Michael Keane

17th September
6 Months To Live by Lee Cornes
Prodigal Son and Jason goes to Argos by Glenn Cooper
Jean Jeany and You Two by Mike Gilyatt

3rd September
Sketch by Joanne Carter
Sketch by Glenn Cooper
Sketch by Nina Crane
First Timer by Andy Glass
Second Jobs by Andy Glass and Sarit Wilson Chen
Zoo Sketch by Gareth Moore
No Justice by Chris Sisson and Joanna Tilley
Ned the Networker 1 and 2 by Tony Kirwood
The Legend of Perseus By Jonny Barrett
Cold Case by Lee Cornes

20th August
Dotty's Magic Adventure by Gareth Moore
B&N and Spirit of Helios by Dan Kreeger
Conversation overheard on a bus by Tom Jensen

6th August
The Date by Paul 'Sullivan
Florence the Sketch by Gareth Moore
Under Observation by Glenn Morris

23rd July
Levity: The Cat, the Vet and the Wardrobe By Nina Crane
The Greatest Prophecy of Nostradamus and Richard York By Andy Flood
Indiscreet Doctor By Lee Cornes

9th July
Under One Roof by Gareth Moore and Conor Butler
Clinical Trials by Glenn Cooper

25th June
Complimentary Therapy & Natural Vasectomy by Richard Tomblin
Doctor Coswell by Paul O'Sullivan
The Irreverent John Thomas by Ed Tirbutt

11th June
Stop Loving Me by Phillipe Mattocks
80s Tech by Benn Cordrey
Mind the Gap by Alex King

28th May
The Brave Tomato by Andy Flood
Radio Sketch Show by Gareth Moore

14th May
Living at Home: Recruitment Day by Luke Truppin
Pope Sketch by Paul OSullivan
Treatment and Food Fight by Andy Glass & Sarit Wilson Chen

30th April
Big Society by David Charles and Beth Granville
Court in the Act and Not Great Grandparents by Philippe Mattocks
The Maid of Holloway by Nina Crane

9th April
Bullying Bullies Bullied and AA Meetings by Mike Gilyatt
Courtney Hyphen-Jamieson Lord of the Tossers by Paul O'Sullivan

26th March
Pope Sketch by Paul O'Sullivan
Homeless Hamlet and School of the Gods by Mike Gilyatt
Those Who Can't by Brendan Gallagher

12th March
An all-sketch meeting with a particular focus on your submissions intended for BBC Radio 4's new series "The Show What You Wrote"

19th February
Fit For the Operating Theate and Adult Abuse by Ed Tirbutt
Health and Hastings by Robin Bailes
Fangirls by Jennifer Rickard & Jennifer Dawn-Williams

5th February
Preston Undercover... Society of Secrets by Jason Fite
Desert Island Dicks by Andy Glass
Subcon Sketch by Gareth Moore

22nd January
Star Wars Sketch and Mozzy Sketch by Ed Cave
Repair Work by Alex King
FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE: Albatrossity by Lee Cornes and Stephen Frost


11th December
Juke Box Junkies 2 by Andy Flood
The Nightwear Before Christmas by Glenn Cooper
Albion by Alex Papakyriacou
Cross Purposes & Wannabe by Martin Price

27th November
Train of Thought by Dominic Ladden-Powell
Dan and EDD by Gareth Moore
Coffee Shop by Neil Benson

13th November
No More and Eve in PC World by Lucy Cox
Ink Stains by Helen Green and Glenn Cooper
A Sketch by Helen Green

30th October
A Life Less Fascinating: Pizza or Prowler? by Nina Crane
Name Sketch by Gareth Moore

16th October
The Parties Over by Luis Sanchez
100 percent and Interview Technique by Richard Tomplin
Sketch by Elise Bramich

2nd October
The Suit and The Suit 2 by Sarit Wilson Chen
The 7th Day, The F Key and The Water Cooler by Ed Cave
You Look a Bit Like Prince and Stevie Wonder Sketch by Luis Sanchez
Toilet Trouble and Customer Service by Alex King
One Last Favour and Stockholm Syndrome by Glenn Cooper
Digital Media Guy by Paul O Sullivan
The Whack Job and The Actor's Art by Jason Fite
The Grooms speech_3b and Beautiful Game by Helen Green
Sketch by Martin Price

18th September
Prejudice and Roxane Sketch by Luis Sanchez
Improv by Mike Prince

28th August
Dave's Tasks by Lee Cornes
Who Do You Think You Are by Martin Price
Flying High and Accident and Emergency. by Pamala Gilmore

14th August
Why Us? (Pilot Episode) by Olly Allsopp and John Barron
Shame of Thrones and 50 Shades of Green by Glenn Cooper

24th July
Mabel's Tables by Bob Miles

10th July
Dead Wait by Gareth Moore
Annabelle Sketch & Valentine's Reservations by Nina Crane
Checkout Cheek by Barry Snelson

26th June
Fall of the House of Usher by Alex Papakyriacou
Religious Apologists and I Want Him Rubbed Out by Olly Allsopp

12th June - Sketchageddon
Heaven and Hell By David Barker
The Power of Lard By Paul Stevenson
Child Labour & Curtains By Helen Green
Close Equivalent By Richard
Youtube & In and Out Office By Luke Truppin
Vampire Holiday Sketch & US Constitution Sketch By Luis Sanchez
Last Orders By Martin Price and Lawrence Scholey
Breakfast & The Adventures of Willy, Dick and John Thomas By Olly Allsopp and John Barron

29th May
Goldiggers by Lee Cornes
All too Reality TV by Barry Snelson

15th May
Are you kidney-ing me & Dickheads Anonymous by Conor Butler
The Noah Sketch by Luis Sanchez
Fluent by Nina Crane

1st May
Don't Try & Be Clever by Luis Sanchez
Crazy Pete's Animal Shack by Gareth Moore
Rainbow George by Alex King

10th April
Unititled Moc Doc Sketch by Andy Flood
Dublin 7: episode 1 - Quare Times by Peter Hammond

28th February
Skate, Rattle and Roll by Glenn Cooper and Helen Green
Vital Organ Treatment by Barry Staff
Speed Dial by Sarit Wilson Chen

7th February
Living at Home by Luke Truppin
Rosa and Lindy by Jamie Warren
Phil Spector, Film Director & Ten Second Sketch by Neil Simpson

24th January
Going Live by Luis Sanchez
Adult Apprentice by Tristán White
Last Great Dreamers by Glenn Cooper

10th January
Victor and Mina by Kal Vyas
A Life Less Fascinating: Bob's Poker Night by Nina Crane
Temple of Chaos by Tristán White


13th December - Sketchageddon X
Political Correctness Gone Mad by Andy Flood
London Underground - Lake Vostok by Sarah Verrinder
Jane Austen Rolls Ove by Shiva
The Funeral Parlour and The Chemist by Pamela Gilmore
Dont Mix Your Drinks and That's Life by Bob Miles
A Whitechapel Christmas and Buddies by Glenn Cooper
Advocates1 and Advocates2 by Kulvinder Gill
Phone Call From The Bank #2 by Helen Green
Berty Bimagination's Bizarre But Brilliant Briefcase by Alex Howley
Old Friends by Russell Byrne
What Programme and Alright There by Robin Bailes
Hand by Gareth Moore
Clarence Police and Raid Bohemian 4 by Tom Hyland
Star Struck by Martin Price

29th November
Last Great Dreamers by Glenn Cooper
Tour in Hell by Matthew Jessee
Two Sketches by James Goldsbury

8th November
9 Point Plan by Alex Howley
A Whitechapel Encounter by Glenn Cooper
Picture Perfect and Hold the Line by Helen Green

25th October
Parent Trouble by Tom Jenson
Serenity by Jeremy Allen and Giles Morris

11th October
Just Say No by Martin Price
Shakespeare's Agent and Scam E-mail by Tom Hyland and James
Executive Stress by Glenn Cooper

4th October
Rupert Royce by James Goldsbury
I Must Remember To Thank My Aunt by Ornette Cassell
The Secret that Time Forgot and Couldn't Care Less About by Jamie Warren
Supply and Demand & Obama & Cameron Discuss Libya by Neil Simpson

20th September
Long Time, No See By Martin Price & Laurence Scholey
Nice Body & Prison Tour by Helen Green
Champagne Charlie by Gareth Moore

6th September
In Stock by Robin Bailes
The Glove by Alex King
The Ugly Squad by Neil Simpson

30th August
Going for Bronze - The Limeman Swelleth by Luke Genower and Gareth Luna
Blinds by Conor Butler
Cosmetic Surgery by Glenn Cooper

16th August
Friendly Fire by by Alex King
Friday Night At Derek's by Neil Simpson
The Joy of Text by Glenn Cooper

2nd August
L.A., Ca Loco by Lynwood shiva Sawyer and Gianna Bourke
The Exit Timing by Alex King
Porn Ho! by Gareth Moore

19th July
Youth - Episode 1 - Sleep by Andy Flood
Big Frank by Andy Orr
Product Placement Funeral by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Neil Simpson

5th July
Apocalypse Now (and Then) by Atzar Dar
The Sketch Sketch by Kirk Maile
Jealousies by Tom Jenson

28th June
Special Offer by Robin Bailes
Lo-Fi by Jason Fite
Vile Bodies, Panda of Lust and King Bong By Paul Stevenson

7th June
You Know by Alex King
Medieval Japes and One For The Road by Mr DH Jones

24th May
Big Muff Episode 2: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll by Kulvinder Gill
Hey, Ho Lets Go by Martin Price

10th May - Sketchageddon IX
This Blows and Green Paul By Conor Butler
P.H. Dowling Midnight Reading and Scott of Antarctic By James Goldsbury
The Twix By Alex King
The Write Stuff and One Of Our Taxis Is Missing By Glenn Cooper
Close Every Bank Account and Birdshit Solutions with Andy Gray By Jeremy Davies
Tramps Den, Cash for Relatives and The Piano Teacher By Raena and Sarah
Short Cute Sketches About Charity, Birds and Bees and Baby By Gareth Moore
Sparrow Hawking, Dinner With Judy and How To Play Chekhov By Paul Stevenson
Alternative Patriarching By David RownTree
Country Gentlemen By Lynwood

19th April
My Sister by Robin Bailes
Bus Ride and Why Did I Buy It by "David Axlerod"
Barcelona Zoo by Alex King

22nd March
Operation Saga by Tom Jenson
Home Is Where the Park Is! by Trudi Roth & Lynwood Shiva Sawyer Based on a Story by: Elizabeth Dreir
Short Film by Barry Staff

15th March
Pavlov's Cat by Joel Soetendorp
Flat Pack Round Table by Jeremy Davies
Credit Where Credit's Due by Tristán White

1st March
Bring Me Sunshine by Paul Stevenson
The Pearly Gates Initial Contact Centre by Steve Foster
Night of the Living Babies by Alex Howley

1st February
An Impossible Love by Tom Jensen - perfomed by the Complete Theatre Company in New York
Autumn by Gary Glitter
The Great God and Soul Swindle by Gareth Moore

18th January - Sketchageddon VIII
Sketches from Stephens and Brooks
The Pub Sketch by David Pettit
Albert - The Cynical Arsonist by Tadas Vidmantas
Walrus Sketch and Wildlife Garden by Julia Lee Dean
I'm cooler than you because I'm drunker than you by Lucy Cox
Jimmy Fontaine and his Magical keyboard by Michael Fenty
A good time to learn Welsh by Paul Stevenson
Temporary Insanity by Shiva Sawyer & Sandra Drew
Natalie Trust, Gullible Gail, Is that how you do it by Peter Reynolds


14th December
Clive: episodes 1-4 by By Oliver Dowling & Joel Emery
Temporary Insanity by Shiva Sawyer & Sandra Drew

30th November - Sketchageddon VII
Silly Judy and The Cube by Lucy Cox
April Showers by Jack Milner
6 Days by Alex Howley
Odd Zebra Out by Nick Flugge
Lonely Driver Rival by Gareth Moore
Cossacks! by Peter McGladdery
Sketches TBC by Owyn Stephens

9th November
Once In A Lifetime by Alex Papakyriacou
Heist and Blood and Wine by Alex Howley

26th October
Preston Undercover Gla by Jason Fite
Clown Epitph, Father and Son, Stammer, Visnit Condoms by Conor Butler

5th October
the next level 4 by Alex Howly
Appocolypso by Gareth Moore
Christian Bale Goes To His Aunties For Tea by Jason Fite

21st September
Sitcoma by Chris Hackett and Kevin Holmes

7th September
Thicker than Water by Robin Bailes
School Reunion and Internet Dating by Gareth Moore
Smoking Hot, Cooking Sketch and Drunk Drving Police by Dan Simpson

24th August
Restaurant III by Phillip Green
Dr Knows Best and World Cup 2014 by Peter McGladdery
We've Been Framed, Cat and Mouse4.5 and Spoon Dragon by Alex Howley

10th August - Sketchageddon VI
Monks X Factor and Bank Job by Gareth Moore (with Phil Green)
Jesus: Behind the Scriptures and Misunderstandings by Alex Howley
Abdulramabad The Genie in "Inside Job". Part of the Three Wishes Festival By Michael Phillips and Zander Sey
Comedy Meeting (Timewaster) by Michael Phillips
Edingburgh Historians by Andrew Young
Untitled Wedding Sketch by Luke Lloyns
Runner Peas and Helpline by Marc Jones
The Coalition, Leaky Defence and Wee Williw Walshie by Jeremy Davies
Riot in the Newsroom, Reminiscing Man and Speed Dating Sketch by Ahmed III

27th July
North by Luke Truppin
Unsolicited Scripts by Michael Phillips

13th July - Red Planet Prize Meeting
Star Gazing by Conor Butler
Ascent by Alex Howley
Zombie Vampire Killers by Gareth Moore
Empire by Robin Bailes
XXX by Jon Neale

22nd June
In Company by Richard Appleby
Percy Pervis The Posh Pervert by Bobby Freeman

8th June
Streets Apart by Luke Truppin
Birthday Reunion by Alex Howley

25th May
Strictly Business and Lolly by Andy Flood
Petsitter by Sally Ingrey
Malcolm Lowman Can Communicate with Thick People by Dudley Rees
Sort it in Post by Gareth Moore

11th May
Flying Away and Spoiling the Punchline by Jeremy Davies
World of Spoons and New Girlfriend by Alex Howley
Project X2-11, Radio Thing Out if My Head Brain Space For Beginners by Gareth Moore

27th April
Going Green by Shereen Docherty
Country Live by Peter McGladdery
The Wankers by Sally Ingrey

13th April - Sketchageddon V
The Two Grandson, GPS and Catch Up By Lawrence Scholey and Martin Price
This Is You By Alex Howley
One Small Step and Children of the Reveloution by Jon May-Bowles
Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Chips and Watercolour TV by Andy Flood
Repairman and Date By Shereen Docherty
Doctor, Doctor and Trust in the Lord by Gareth Moore
Scope and Skippy by Connor Butler
Berlusconi's Bodyguard and Cadbury Redundancy Consultation by Jeremy Davies

23rd March
Crikey Its That Bird by Joycelyn Bruce
Son Dad by Gareth Moore
Cocktail Sheik, Daily Mail Tales of Mystery and Imagination and Sootyj's Guide to Evil by Joel Soetendorp

9th March
Manners and Mr Arcey by Jennifer Ellison
Houston We Have a Problem by Martin Price
Episode 7: Freaks by Alex Howley

23rd February
My Sister & In Stock by Robin Bailes
Better Afternoon Story by Alex Howley
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Alex Papakyriacou

9th February
Blue Angles by Jon Neale
Ruined Fort by Gareth Moore

26th January
Tessa & Adam by Brett Snelgrove
Royal Society for the Prevention of Working Class Animal Ownership By Alex Papakyriacou
A perfomance by musical comedy duo Strong and Wrong

12th January - Sketchageddon IV
Lunch Meet by Shereen Docherty
Home Delivery by Andy Flood
Time Team - Day Three By John Perkins
It's a Scottish Note By Luke Lloyns
Women's Problems by Jon Neale
Dogging Etiquette, Everything You Wanted To Know About Hitler, But Were Too Afriad To Ask, Spoon Holiday by Alex Howley
Mr Metts 1 & 2, The Grumpy Executioner 1 & 2 by Joel Soetendorp
Dress Down Day, Hobbitish by Gareth Moore
Banker's Challenge, Afghan Puppet Show by Jeremy Davies


1st December -
Dead Wait by Gareth Moore
Joy's Salon by Susan Vende

10th November
Cinders by Sarah Bennett and Tom Mallory
Job Satisfaction, Wigga Wigga and High Fashion by Jamie Morris

27th October
Against Nature by Barry Staff
Pirate Day by Jeremy Davies - recorded for News Revue
PC Hulk and RP Terrorist by Joel Soetendorp

13th October
Misanthropology by Alex Papakyriacou
Where Have All the Bistros Gone by Robin Bailes
X-Factor Sketch by Gareth Moore
Untitled by Jon Neale

6nd October
The Daily Grind by Shereen Docherty
Couple: Web Series - The Knot by Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio.
Miss World by Jon Neale
Drawn Apart by Joel Soetendorp

22nd September
Please Help Me by Martin Price and Lawrence Scholey
The Flush by Mark Leeson
Porn Sketch by Graham Trelfer

8th September - Sketchageddon III - an all sketch meeting
Acceptable Discrimination?, Body Harvest, and Big Issue by Gareth Moore
The Art of Wally by Olly Allsopp
The Present by Sally Ingrey
Carbs and Bombs and Owning A Breakout by Ahmed III
I Was Also Thinking of Writing a Script by Anon II
Absolute Weakest Link by Luke Llyons
The Lamb and Lion by Douglas Hooker
Cuba Libre by Sally Sheringham
Class Conscious by Jeremy Davies - recorded for News Revue
Desperate by Matthew Jessee
Sarcastic Man Sketch by Jonathan May-Bowles
Middle Earth and Drone Controllers by Joel Soetendorp

1st September
The Commuters by Jeremy Davies
I Was Thinking of Writing a Script by Anon
Blunkett ADI and The Test by Douglas Hooker

11th August
House Cat by Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio.
Blames Direct by Alex Howley
Hit Men by Dave Chapman

28th July
Marital Status and 2 Pound a Month Children by Gareth Moore
Strictly Business by Andy Flood
Pirate Pentalogy by Kenny Cavey

14th July
Geiger Counter by Paul Alexander
The Breath by Howard Cohen
Agent Act and All At Sea by Gareth Moore

30th June
Evil News - Kitten Crunch and Poverty's Peripheries by Jon
Chinese Interview and Denis Dobad by Andrew Young
The Deal by Adrian LeGrand

16th June
King Arthur By Jon Neale
House Cat By Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio.
Ghost Council Tax By Sally Ingrey

2nd June
The Grass is Greener: Odd Shaped Balls By Douglas Hooker & Gareth Moore
My Other Baby Is A Spoon By Alex Howley
Staff Issues By Greg Bennett

19th May - Sketch-a-geddon II - an all sketch meeting
Loading Noah's Ark By Andy Flood
Fit of Morality By Adrian Le Grand
Murder Man and Crook By Ahmed III
Dr Who and The Shop Sketch By Gareth Moore
Music Theme and CV Chimp By Phillip Green
Phone Interruptions and Dealing with Grief By Steve Carr
The End is Nigh By Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio
Loves Labours Lost By Frank Thompson (Revised By Oliver Lavery-Farag)
Panda Sex and Stage Hands By Don't Tell Jimmy

12th May
Untitled by Dudley Rees
Using Vouchers at a Restaurant by Claire Stroud
2 Pound a Month by Gareth Moore

21st April
Miscellaneously Educated by Alex Howley
Babe Lounge by Dean Hesom
Power Frog by Adrian Le Grand

31st March
Harry and Death by Robin Bailes
Assorted Short Sketches by Kenny Cavey
Even Vampires Get Tooth Decay by Jeremy Davies

17th March
Truma by Alex Papakyriacou
Martin Explains Sex by Bertie Peek & Fergus Dingle
Mrs Bennett Entertains by John Neale

3rd March
One Thing Led To Another by Jack Milner and Mark Stevenson
Movie Interview and Emotional News by Don't Tell Jimmy

10th February - Sketch-a-geddon - an all sketch meeting
The Criminal Mind, Nor Are We Out Of It and Beggery by Bob Carter
The Waiting Area, The New James Bond and The Club by Dean Hesom
Requests and Pissed Old Hack by Jon Neale
Password protection by Andy Flood
Samuel Beckett and Brendan Behan discuss Frederick Nietzsche by Colm
Bear 2 by Jim Spilling
Assorted Short Sketches by Kenny Cavey

27th January
Swallow Whole by Jim Spilling
Meat by Alex Papakyriacou

13th January
One-Liner by Barry Staff


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