1st December -
Dead Wait by Gareth Moore
Joy's Salon by Susan Vende

10th November
Cinders by Sarah Bennett and Tom Mallory
Job Satisfaction, Wigga Wigga and High Fashion by Jamie Morris

27th October
Against Nature by Barry Staff
Pirate Day by Jeremy Davies - recorded for News Revue
PC Hulk and RP Terrorist by Joel Soetendorp

13th October
Misanthropology by Alex Papakyriacou
Where Have All the Bistros Gone by Robin Bailes
X-Factor Sketch by Gareth Moore
Untitled by Jon Neale

6nd October
The Daily Grind by Shereen Docherty
Couple: Web Series - The Knot by Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio.
Miss World by Jon Neale
Drawn Apart by Joel Soetendorp

22nd September
Please Help Me by Martin Price and Lawrence Scholey
The Flush by Mark Leeson
Porn Sketch by Graham Trelfer

8th September - Sketchageddon III - an all sketch meeting
Acceptable Discrimination?, Body Harvest, and Big Issue by Gareth Moore
The Art of Wally by Olly Allsopp
The Present by Sally Ingrey
Carbs and Bombs and Owning A Breakout by Ahmed III
I Was Also Thinking of Writing a Script by Anon II
Absolute Weakest Link by Luke Llyons
The Lamb and Lion by Douglas Hooker
Cuba Libre by Sally Sheringham
Class Conscious by Jeremy Davies - recorded for News Revue
Desperate by Matthew Jessee
Sarcastic Man Sketch by Jonathan May-Bowles
Middle Earth and Drone Controllers by Joel Soetendorp

1st September
The Commuters by Jeremy Davies
I Was Thinking of Writing a Script by Anon
Blunkett ADI and The Test by Douglas Hooker

11th August
House Cat by Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio.
Blames Direct by Alex Howley
Hit Men by Dave Chapman

28th July
Marital Status and 2 Pound a Month Children by Gareth Moore
Strictly Business by Andy Flood
Pirate Pentalogy by Kenny Cavey

14th July
Geiger Counter by Paul Alexander
The Breath by Howard Cohen
Agent Act and All At Sea by Gareth Moore

30th June
Evil News - Kitten Crunch and Poverty's Peripheries by Jon
Chinese Interview and Denis Dobad by Andrew Young
The Deal by Adrian LeGrand

16th June
King Arthur By Jon Neale
House Cat By Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio.
Ghost Council Tax By Sally Ingrey

2nd June
The Grass is Greener: Odd Shaped Balls By Douglas Hooker & Gareth Moore
My Other Baby Is A Spoon By Alex Howley
Staff Issues By Greg Bennett

19th May - Sketch-a-geddon II - an all sketch meeting
Loading Noah's Ark By Andy Flood
Fit of Morality By Adrian Le Grand
Murder Man and Crook By Ahmed III
Dr Who and The Shop Sketch By Gareth Moore
Music Theme and CV Chimp By Phillip Green
Phone Interruptions and Dealing with Grief By Steve Carr
The End is Nigh By Brett Snelgrove - recorded for radio
Loves Labours Lost By Frank Thompson (Revised By Oliver Lavery-Farag)
Panda Sex and Stage Hands By Don't Tell Jimmy

12th May
Untitled by Dudley Rees
Using Vouchers at a Restaurant by Claire Stroud
2 Pound a Month by Gareth Moore

21st April
Miscellaneously Educated by Alex Howley
Babe Lounge by Dean Hesom
Power Frog by Adrian Le Grand

31st March
Harry and Death by Robin Bailes
Assorted Short Sketches by Kenny Cavey
Even Vampires Get Tooth Decay by Jeremy Davies

17th March
Truma by Alex Papakyriacou
Martin Explains Sex by Bertie Peek & Fergus Dingle
Mrs Bennett Entertains by John Neale

3rd March
One Thing Led To Another by Jack Milner and Mark Stevenson
Movie Interview and Emotional News by Don't Tell Jimmy

10th February - Sketch-a-geddon - an all sketch meeting
The Criminal Mind, Nor Are We Out Of It and Beggery by Bob Carter
The Waiting Area, The New James Bond and The Club by Dean Hesom
Requests and Pissed Old Hack by Jon Neale
Password protection by Andy Flood
Samuel Beckett and Brendan Behan discuss Frederick Nietzsche by Colm
Bear 2 by Jim Spilling
Assorted Short Sketches by Kenny Cavey

27th January
Swallow Whole by Jim Spilling
Meat by Alex Papakyriacou

13th January
One-Liner by Barry Staff


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