14th December
Clive: episodes 1-4 by By Oliver Dowling & Joel Emery
Temporary Insanity by Shiva Sawyer & Sandra Drew

30th November - Sketchageddon VII
Silly Judy and The Cube by Lucy Cox
April Showers by Jack Milner
6 Days by Alex Howley
Odd Zebra Out by Nick Flugge
Lonely Driver Rival by Gareth Moore
Cossacks! by Peter McGladdery
Sketches TBC by Owyn Stephens

9th November
Once In A Lifetime by Alex Papakyriacou
Heist and Blood and Wine by Alex Howley

26th October
Preston Undercover Gla by Jason Fite
Clown Epitph, Father and Son, Stammer, Visnit Condoms by Conor Butler

5th October
the next level 4 by Alex Howly
Appocolypso by Gareth Moore
Christian Bale Goes To His Aunties For Tea by Jason Fite

21st September
Sitcoma by Chris Hackett and Kevin Holmes

7th September
Thicker than Water by Robin Bailes
School Reunion and Internet Dating by Gareth Moore
Smoking Hot, Cooking Sketch and Drunk Drving Police by Dan Simpson

24th August
Restaurant III by Phillip Green
Dr Knows Best and World Cup 2014 by Peter McGladdery
We've Been Framed, Cat and Mouse4.5 and Spoon Dragon by Alex Howley

10th August - Sketchageddon VI
Monks X Factor and Bank Job by Gareth Moore (with Phil Green)
Jesus: Behind the Scriptures and Misunderstandings by Alex Howley
Abdulramabad The Genie in "Inside Job". Part of the Three Wishes Festival By Michael Phillips and Zander Sey
Comedy Meeting (Timewaster) by Michael Phillips
Edingburgh Historians by Andrew Young
Untitled Wedding Sketch by Luke Lloyns
Runner Peas and Helpline by Marc Jones
The Coalition, Leaky Defence and Wee Williw Walshie by Jeremy Davies
Riot in the Newsroom, Reminiscing Man and Speed Dating Sketch by Ahmed III

27th July
North by Luke Truppin
Unsolicited Scripts by Michael Phillips

13th July - Red Planet Prize Meeting
Star Gazing by Conor Butler
Ascent by Alex Howley
Zombie Vampire Killers by Gareth Moore
Empire by Robin Bailes
XXX by Jon Neale

22nd June
In Company by Richard Appleby
Percy Pervis The Posh Pervert by Bobby Freeman

8th June
Streets Apart by Luke Truppin
Birthday Reunion by Alex Howley

25th May
Strictly Business and Lolly by Andy Flood
Petsitter by Sally Ingrey
Malcolm Lowman Can Communicate with Thick People by Dudley Rees
Sort it in Post by Gareth Moore

11th May
Flying Away and Spoiling the Punchline by Jeremy Davies
World of Spoons and New Girlfriend by Alex Howley
Project X2-11, Radio Thing Out if My Head Brain Space For Beginners by Gareth Moore

27th April
Going Green by Shereen Docherty
Country Live by Peter McGladdery
The Wankers by Sally Ingrey

13th April - Sketchageddon V
The Two Grandson, GPS and Catch Up By Lawrence Scholey and Martin Price
This Is You By Alex Howley
One Small Step and Children of the Reveloution by Jon May-Bowles
Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Chips and Watercolour TV by Andy Flood
Repairman and Date By Shereen Docherty
Doctor, Doctor and Trust in the Lord by Gareth Moore
Scope and Skippy by Connor Butler
Berlusconi's Bodyguard and Cadbury Redundancy Consultation by Jeremy Davies

23rd March
Crikey Its That Bird by Joycelyn Bruce
Son Dad by Gareth Moore
Cocktail Sheik, Daily Mail Tales of Mystery and Imagination and Sootyj's Guide to Evil by Joel Soetendorp

9th March
Manners and Mr Arcey by Jennifer Ellison
Houston We Have a Problem by Martin Price
Episode 7: Freaks by Alex Howley

23rd February
My Sister & In Stock by Robin Bailes
Better Afternoon Story by Alex Howley
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Alex Papakyriacou

9th February
Blue Angles by Jon Neale
Ruined Fort by Gareth Moore

26th January
Tessa & Adam by Brett Snelgrove
Royal Society for the Prevention of Working Class Animal Ownership By Alex Papakyriacou
A perfomance by musical comedy duo Strong and Wrong

12th January - Sketchageddon IV
Lunch Meet by Shereen Docherty
Home Delivery by Andy Flood
Time Team - Day Three By John Perkins
It's a Scottish Note By Luke Lloyns
Women's Problems by Jon Neale
Dogging Etiquette, Everything You Wanted To Know About Hitler, But Were Too Afriad To Ask, Spoon Holiday by Alex Howley
Mr Metts 1 & 2, The Grumpy Executioner 1 & 2 by Joel Soetendorp
Dress Down Day, Hobbitish by Gareth Moore
Banker's Challenge, Afghan Puppet Show by Jeremy Davies


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