13th December - Sketchageddon X
Political Correctness Gone Mad by Andy Flood
London Underground - Lake Vostok by Sarah Verrinder
Jane Austen Rolls Ove by Shiva
The Funeral Parlour and The Chemist by Pamela Gilmore
Dont Mix Your Drinks and That's Life by Bob Miles
A Whitechapel Christmas and Buddies by Glenn Cooper
Advocates1 and Advocates2 by Kulvinder Gill
Phone Call From The Bank #2 by Helen Green
Berty Bimagination's Bizarre But Brilliant Briefcase by Alex Howley
Old Friends by Russell Byrne
What Programme and Alright There by Robin Bailes
Hand by Gareth Moore
Clarence Police and Raid Bohemian 4 by Tom Hyland
Star Struck by Martin Price

29th November
Last Great Dreamers by Glenn Cooper
Tour in Hell by Matthew Jessee
Two Sketches by James Goldsbury

8th November
9 Point Plan by Alex Howley
A Whitechapel Encounter by Glenn Cooper
Picture Perfect and Hold the Line by Helen Green

25th October
Parent Trouble by Tom Jenson
Serenity by Jeremy Allen and Giles Morris

11th October
Just Say No by Martin Price
Shakespeare's Agent and Scam E-mail by Tom Hyland and James
Executive Stress by Glenn Cooper

4th October
Rupert Royce by James Goldsbury
I Must Remember To Thank My Aunt by Ornette Cassell
The Secret that Time Forgot and Couldn't Care Less About by Jamie Warren
Supply and Demand & Obama & Cameron Discuss Libya by Neil Simpson

20th September
Long Time, No See By Martin Price & Laurence Scholey
Nice Body & Prison Tour by Helen Green
Champagne Charlie by Gareth Moore

6th September
In Stock by Robin Bailes
The Glove by Alex King
The Ugly Squad by Neil Simpson

30th August
Going for Bronze - The Limeman Swelleth by Luke Genower and Gareth Luna
Blinds by Conor Butler
Cosmetic Surgery by Glenn Cooper

16th August
Friendly Fire by by Alex King
Friday Night At Derek's by Neil Simpson
The Joy of Text by Glenn Cooper

2nd August
L.A., Ca Loco by Lynwood shiva Sawyer and Gianna Bourke
The Exit Timing by Alex King
Porn Ho! by Gareth Moore

19th July
Youth - Episode 1 - Sleep by Andy Flood
Big Frank by Andy Orr
Product Placement Funeral by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Neil Simpson

5th July
Apocalypse Now (and Then) by Atzar Dar
The Sketch Sketch by Kirk Maile
Jealousies by Tom Jenson

28th June
Special Offer by Robin Bailes
Lo-Fi by Jason Fite
Vile Bodies, Panda of Lust and King Bong By Paul Stevenson

7th June
You Know by Alex King
Medieval Japes and One For The Road by Mr DH Jones

24th May
Big Muff Episode 2: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll by Kulvinder Gill
Hey, Ho Lets Go by Martin Price

10th May - Sketchageddon IX
This Blows and Green Paul By Conor Butler
P.H. Dowling Midnight Reading and Scott of Antarctic By James Goldsbury
The Twix By Alex King
The Write Stuff and One Of Our Taxis Is Missing By Glenn Cooper
Close Every Bank Account and Birdshit Solutions with Andy Gray By Jeremy Davies
Tramps Den, Cash for Relatives and The Piano Teacher By Raena and Sarah
Short Cute Sketches About Charity, Birds and Bees and Baby By Gareth Moore
Sparrow Hawking, Dinner With Judy and How To Play Chekhov By Paul Stevenson
Alternative Patriarching By David RownTree
Country Gentlemen By Lynwood

19th April
My Sister by Robin Bailes
Bus Ride and Why Did I Buy It by "David Axlerod"
Barcelona Zoo by Alex King

22nd March
Operation Saga by Tom Jenson
Home Is Where the Park Is! by Trudi Roth & Lynwood Shiva Sawyer Based on a Story by: Elizabeth Dreir
Short Film by Barry Staff

15th March
Pavlov's Cat by Joel Soetendorp
Flat Pack Round Table by Jeremy Davies
Credit Where Credit's Due by Tristán White

1st March
Bring Me Sunshine by Paul Stevenson
The Pearly Gates Initial Contact Centre by Steve Foster
Night of the Living Babies by Alex Howley

1st February
An Impossible Love by Tom Jensen - perfomed by the Complete Theatre Company in New York
Autumn by Gary Glitter
The Great God and Soul Swindle by Gareth Moore

18th January - Sketchageddon VIII
Sketches from Stephens and Brooks
The Pub Sketch by David Pettit
Albert - The Cynical Arsonist by Tadas Vidmantas
Walrus Sketch and Wildlife Garden by Julia Lee Dean
I'm cooler than you because I'm drunker than you by Lucy Cox
Jimmy Fontaine and his Magical keyboard by Michael Fenty
A good time to learn Welsh by Paul Stevenson
Temporary Insanity by Shiva Sawyer & Sandra Drew
Natalie Trust, Gullible Gail, Is that how you do it by Peter Reynolds


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