11th December
Juke Box Junkies 2 by Andy Flood
The Nightwear Before Christmas by Glenn Cooper
Albion by Alex Papakyriacou
Cross Purposes & Wannabe by Martin Price

27th November
Train of Thought by Dominic Ladden-Powell
Dan and EDD by Gareth Moore
Coffee Shop by Neil Benson

13th November
No More and Eve in PC World by Lucy Cox
Ink Stains by Helen Green and Glenn Cooper
A Sketch by Helen Green

30th October
A Life Less Fascinating: Pizza or Prowler? by Nina Crane
Name Sketch by Gareth Moore

16th October
The Parties Over by Luis Sanchez
100 percent and Interview Technique by Richard Tomplin
Sketch by Elise Bramich

2nd October
The Suit and The Suit 2 by Sarit Wilson Chen
The 7th Day, The F Key and The Water Cooler by Ed Cave
You Look a Bit Like Prince and Stevie Wonder Sketch by Luis Sanchez
Toilet Trouble and Customer Service by Alex King
One Last Favour and Stockholm Syndrome by Glenn Cooper
Digital Media Guy by Paul O Sullivan
The Whack Job and The Actor's Art by Jason Fite
The Grooms speech_3b and Beautiful Game by Helen Green
Sketch by Martin Price

18th September
Prejudice and Roxane Sketch by Luis Sanchez
Improv by Mike Prince

28th August
Dave's Tasks by Lee Cornes
Who Do You Think You Are by Martin Price
Flying High and Accident and Emergency. by Pamala Gilmore

14th August
Why Us? (Pilot Episode) by Olly Allsopp and John Barron
Shame of Thrones and 50 Shades of Green by Glenn Cooper

24th July
Mabel's Tables by Bob Miles

10th July
Dead Wait by Gareth Moore
Annabelle Sketch & Valentine's Reservations by Nina Crane
Checkout Cheek by Barry Snelson

26th June
Fall of the House of Usher by Alex Papakyriacou
Religious Apologists and I Want Him Rubbed Out by Olly Allsopp

12th June - Sketchageddon
Heaven and Hell By David Barker
The Power of Lard By Paul Stevenson
Child Labour & Curtains By Helen Green
Close Equivalent By Richard
Youtube & In and Out Office By Luke Truppin
Vampire Holiday Sketch & US Constitution Sketch By Luis Sanchez
Last Orders By Martin Price and Lawrence Scholey
Breakfast & The Adventures of Willy, Dick and John Thomas By Olly Allsopp and John Barron

29th May
Goldiggers by Lee Cornes
All too Reality TV by Barry Snelson

15th May
Are you kidney-ing me & Dickheads Anonymous by Conor Butler
The Noah Sketch by Luis Sanchez
Fluent by Nina Crane

1st May
Don't Try & Be Clever by Luis Sanchez
Crazy Pete's Animal Shack by Gareth Moore
Rainbow George by Alex King

10th April
Unititled Moc Doc Sketch by Andy Flood
Dublin 7: episode 1 - Quare Times by Peter Hammond

28th February
Skate, Rattle and Roll by Glenn Cooper and Helen Green
Vital Organ Treatment by Barry Staff
Speed Dial by Sarit Wilson Chen

7th February
Living at Home by Luke Truppin
Rosa and Lindy by Jamie Warren
Phil Spector, Film Director & Ten Second Sketch by Neil Simpson

24th January
Going Live by Luis Sanchez
Adult Apprentice by Tristán White
Last Great Dreamers by Glenn Cooper

10th January
Victor and Mina by Kal Vyas
A Life Less Fascinating: Bob's Poker Night by Nina Crane
Temple of Chaos by Tristán White


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