10th December
Webisode 1 by Nina Crane
Time to go by Luke Truppin
The Sessions by Gareth Moore
Connection Lost by Elise Bramich
Under Observation Dog Day Morning by Glenn Cooper

26th November
Barnesalona - Episode 1 - A Right Shitty Day by Lori Zakariyya King with Tanekka Fleary

11th November
Climp! – An Edwardian Tale of Mystery & Suspense by Glenn Cooper

29th October
Court in the Act by Philippe Mattocks
A Right Mug and Golden Ticket by Beth Granville
Charity Begins and Charity Begets by Michael Keane

15th October
Sketch by Michael Keane
Hospital by Sarit Wilson Chen with Andy Glass
C.L.G. by James McAnespy

1st October
Future Sketch, Suicide isn't Funny and I Say Sketch by Philippe Mattocks
Caning Shrink and Yoga Series by Ahmed the Third
Jeff Scotland; Bloke Extraordinaire (episode 4) by Mark Elias & Michael Keane

17th September
6 Months To Live by Lee Cornes
Prodigal Son and Jason goes to Argos by Glenn Cooper
Jean Jeany and You Two by Mike Gilyatt

3rd September
Sketch by Joanne Carter
Sketch by Glenn Cooper
Sketch by Nina Crane
First Timer by Andy Glass
Second Jobs by Andy Glass and Sarit Wilson Chen
Zoo Sketch by Gareth Moore
No Justice by Chris Sisson and Joanna Tilley
Ned the Networker 1 and 2 by Tony Kirwood
The Legend of Perseus By Jonny Barrett
Cold Case by Lee Cornes

20th August
Dotty's Magic Adventure by Gareth Moore
B&N and Spirit of Helios by Dan Kreeger
Conversation overheard on a bus by Tom Jensen

6th August
The Date by Paul 'Sullivan
Florence the Sketch by Gareth Moore
Under Observation by Glenn Morris

23rd July
Levity: The Cat, the Vet and the Wardrobe By Nina Crane
The Greatest Prophecy of Nostradamus and Richard York By Andy Flood
Indiscreet Doctor By Lee Cornes

9th July
Under One Roof by Gareth Moore and Conor Butler
Clinical Trials by Glenn Cooper

25th June
Complimentary Therapy & Natural Vasectomy by Richard Tomblin
Doctor Coswell by Paul O'Sullivan
The Irreverent John Thomas by Ed Tirbutt

11th June
Stop Loving Me by Phillipe Mattocks
80s Tech by Benn Cordrey
Mind the Gap by Alex King

28th May
The Brave Tomato by Andy Flood
Radio Sketch Show by Gareth Moore

14th May
Living at Home: Recruitment Day by Luke Truppin
Pope Sketch by Paul OSullivan
Treatment and Food Fight by Andy Glass & Sarit Wilson Chen

30th April
Big Society by David Charles and Beth Granville
Court in the Act and Not Great Grandparents by Philippe Mattocks
The Maid of Holloway by Nina Crane

9th April
Bullying Bullies Bullied and AA Meetings by Mike Gilyatt
Courtney Hyphen-Jamieson Lord of the Tossers by Paul O'Sullivan

26th March
Pope Sketch by Paul O'Sullivan
Homeless Hamlet and School of the Gods by Mike Gilyatt
Those Who Can't by Brendan Gallagher

12th March
An all-sketch meeting with a particular focus on your submissions intended for BBC Radio 4's new series "The Show What You Wrote"

19th February
Fit For the Operating Theate and Adult Abuse by Ed Tirbutt
Health and Hastings by Robin Bailes
Fangirls by Jennifer Rickard & Jennifer Dawn-Williams

5th February
Preston Undercover... Society of Secrets by Jason Fite
Desert Island Dicks by Andy Glass
Subcon Sketch by Gareth Moore

22nd January
Star Wars Sketch and Mozzy Sketch by Ed Cave
Repair Work by Alex King
FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE: Albatrossity by Lee Cornes and Stephen Frost


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