18th November
The Terrible Tale of Troll Edmunds by Pete James

4th November
Foiled by Beth Granville and David Charles
St Agnant, Episode 4 by Pete James

21st October
Wags FC by Gareth Moore
The Blind Date by Paul Mohan

7th October
I, Zombie by Lee Cornes

9th September
The Science of Attraction by Andy Bodle

12th August
Sketch Show by Luke Truppin

29th July
A Bit of a State and Proud Mother by Helen Green
Child's Painting, New England Manager and The Most Accurate Map in the World by Andy Flood
Man Shopping by Robin Bailes
First Day and And What Do you Do by Brendan Way
On Your Bike by Luke Truppin

1st July
Foiled by David Charles and Beth Granville
Vampire Sketch by James McAnespy
Star Bores By Pete James
Cover Band by Matthew Bailey
The Tech Effect and Donate or Die by William Pointing

10th June
Barnesalona by Lori Zakariyya King and Tanekka Fleary
Beauty Regime & Senior Moment by Conor Butler
Truth About Psychics by Graham Trelfer

1st April
(Webisode only meeting)
Foiled by Beth Granville and David Charles
Webisode by Robin Bailes
Webisode by Glenn Cooper

18th March
Downtown Abby by Peter James
What's up Doc and Man Time of the Month by Amanda Buzzing

A sketch by Gareth Moore

18th February
Fools on a Train by Philippe Mattocks

The Independent by Conor Butler
A sketch by Helen Green

14th January
Seventh Heaven by Andrew Carson
Bennett Sketch by Oliver Allsopp

7th January
Subcon Sketch by Gareth Moore
Sketch by Conor Butler
A Marriage of Equals by Tom Jensen
Threesome by Andy Glass & Sarit Wilson Chen
Dali, Dali and Dali by Oliver Allsopp
Sketch by Andy Glass


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