15th December
Menagerie by Thomas Lynam
Sketches by Jordan Birch and Richard Tomlin

1st December
Excusive! by Andy Bodle
Sketch by Glenn Cooper

17th November
Sketch only meeting
Jordan Birch, Sophie Spector, Bertie Smith, Tom Jensen, Kevin Whale and Robin Bailes

3rd November
Climp! An Edwardian Tale of Mystery and Suspense by Glenn Cooper
Sketches by Olly Allsopp

20th October
The Medieval Way by Philippe Mattocks
Sketches by Susan Byron and Nina Crane

6th October
The Cardiff Mafia by Jonathan James
Sketches by Nina Millns and Conor Butler

22nd September
Albion by Alex Papakyriacou and Steven Phanides

8th September
Help Yourself by Rick Senley
Sketches by Philippe Mattocks

25th August
Felicity's Management by Richard Tomlin

11th August
Wannabe by Andy Bodle
Sketches by Joycelyn Bruce and Pete James

28th July 
The Corner Shop (episode 2: Who Let the Dogs In) by Joel Soetendorp and Kiran Haldankar

14th July 
6 Months To Live (episode 1: Life's a Bitch) by Lee Cornes and Conor Butler

30th June
My Sister by Robin Bailes
Sterotype Police, Diarrhoea, Area 51 Pizzeria by Jordan Birch

16th June
Modern Family – group critique

2nd June
Sketch only meeting

19th May
Down Town Abby Episode 3 by Pete James

5th May
The Medieval Way by Philippe Mattocks
Sketches by Pete Duncan

7th April
Romiette and Julian by Alex Papakyriacou

10th March
Retreat by Robin Bailes (webseries)
Lookalikes and Dorian's Beard by Andy Bodle
Party in Antarctica and 999ByeByeBye by Josh Cluderay

10th February
Sketches by Nina Crane
Irene Gets her Men by Allison Miller
We Are But Men by Paul Mohan

13th January

Sketch only meeting


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